An automatic transmission is the most overlooked part of vehicle servicing and maintenance.

With repair bills ranging from $1000 - $6000, it is very important to service your transmission to avoid these costly expenses. It is recommended that your transmission is serviced every 40,000km.

Servicing your Transmission can help in many ways:
  • Smoother gear changes
  • Improved engine performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduces wear on transmission
  • Extends the life of your transmission
  • Saves money on expensive repairs.

We have recently purchased the latest in automatic transmission flushing equipment, which enables us to keep flushing your transmission with new oil until all the old contaminated oil is completely removed.

HO-211 Heshbon Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger
(Pictured above is the Heshbon automatic transmission flushing machine.)